Discussion about virtual power plants during 10. Investment Forum in Tarnow

Virtual Power Plant took part in the 10th Investment Forum, which took place on 24-25 April in Tarnów. VPPlant’s CEO made a presentation and took part in the debate titled “Smart-Home and Smart Industry”.

Grzegorz Nowaczewski talked about how the transformation of the energy industry and new technologies could increase the value of real estate in smart cities. “What we are dealing with is the boundary between the world of old energy and the future needs of energy users. Energy industry is in the process of transformation, which in my opinion is taking place in four areas: manufacturing, consumption, competitiveness and managing processes “on a regular basis”, said VPPlant’s CEO. In his opinion, real estate in modern cities today, but also in the future will operate on completely different principles than it had in the past. “We expect modern buildings to be comfortable, ecological and safe” he added. The entire presentation can be heard in the video below.

In the panel after the presentation participated following people: Grzegorz Wiśniewski (President of the Board, EC BREC Institute of Renewable Energy), Zygmunt Łopalewski (Spokesman, Whirlpool Corporation), Waldemar Niedziela (Business Developer CBS, Somfy Sp. ). The moderator of the talk was MP Joseph Lassot.

At the end of the 10th Investment Forum, an article in newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” appeared - an interview with the president of Virtual Power Plant, referring to the subject of his presentation. We invite you to read the whole interview “Costs reduced by a quarter”.

Investment Forum in Tarnów

The Investment Forum in Tarnów is a platform to exchange views and a meeting place for investors from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, representatives of governments and parliaments, business representatives, startups, experts, scientists and innovators. Financial Technologies (FinTech), new technologies in energy and healthcare, modern enterprise management systems are the leading topics during the Forum.

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