Economic portal writes about the quality of air in Polish offices

Business portal published an article about how the quality expectations of office buildings tenants grow.  ”Office tennats will make increasing demands, including those directly related to the ergonomics of workstations, ecology and obtaining environmental certification by the office. Providing high comfort perceived by people staying in office buildings is expensive and controversial, especially that up to 50 percent electrical energy in modern european office building is consumed by ventilation. In the future, the cost of electricity will increase, as office buildings consume energy most intensively in these hours of the day when the delivery is expensive. How to meet the growing expectations of tenants? “- asks the author of the text.

Quality of office space, and more importantly the air inside the office is increasingly important to employers. They are aware that it is in their interest to improve the air quality breathed by employees. As a good example of the changes is the Empire State Building, which has undergone comprehensive modernization resulting in  improved comfort of occupants inside, and reduced consumption of electricity by 40%. In Poland, more and more owners of office buildings are also undertaking efforts to improve the quality of the offered office space, resulting in a growing number of so-called. green certificates.

The article suggests – as a way to improve air quality in office buildings – optimization technology offered by the Virtual Power Plant for commercial buildings with the function of increasing comfort. This technology comes in the form of an overlay on the traditional systems of intelligent buildings (BMS). “Our technology called oBEMS is distinguishes by  modeling in real-time of the thermodynamic phenomena that occur in office spaces during their daily operations. (…) We achieve results by adjusting the ventilation control to the load zones, weather forecasts and signals from the wholesale electricity market “- says Grzegorz Nowaczewski, president of VPPlant.

We invite you to read the entire article “How to reduce the operating costs of buildings” on the economic portal

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