Propety Forum 2016: discussion “Management. Cheap Management? Not a solution” [video]

During this years edition of Property Forum there was a discussion “Management. Cheap Management? Not a solution” with the president of Virtual Power Plant Grzegorz Nowaczewski. Artur Wysocki (Skanska Property Poland),  Jerzy Szulc (Zinel Facility Management), Niall O’Higgins (Caelum Real Estate Asset Management) and Mirosław Gadomski (SPIE Polska) also took part in the discussion. Virtual Power Plant was a partner of Property Forum 2016.

Participants of the discussion talked about following agenda:

  • Give the building in good hands – market for Facilty Management in Poland
  • How much does good management cost. Where you shouldn’t cut costs
  • What does the client expect?

We invite you to watch the complete recording of the discussion:

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