Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plant Company (VPPlant) was founded in 2013 in order to create in Poland innovative products on a global scale  in the field of energy efficiency.

The first stage of the company’s operations was manual optimization of HVAC systems performance in large-scale buildings with enclosed structures such as cinemas, supermarkets, sports facilities. This made it possible to gain experience in the management of HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption while maintaining expected levels of comfort.

The next step in the company’s development is to create a product that automates processes, reduces energy consumption, which will enable rapid development based on the Polish market potential and, later, expansion on foreign markets.

VPPlant is working with Polish scientists and experts from abroad. As a result of this collaboration innovative global technology was developed that enables optimization of energy consumption in large-scale buildings.

VPPlant is the first project funded by the National Research and Development Centre of the BRIdge Alfa instrument.

VPPlant is a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications.

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