VPPlant is a part of “Smart City – assumptions and perspectives” congress

On March 28th in Warsaw a congress will be held dedicated to the topic of smart cities in Poland. During the plenary session, Virtual Power Plant company will present its innovative services – Enabler DSR and oBEMS, which optimize energy management while improving comfort inside the buildings. VPPlant CEO Grzegorz Nowaczewski will be a guest speaker during the panel discussion on new technologies as important element of dynamic city development.

Congress “Smart City – assumptions and perspectives” is the only event dedicated to energy efficiency that both annual and regional. During the meeting renowned experts and policy-makers will talk about important and up-to-date issues regarding smart cities. Among the participants of the congress there will be among others: representatives of Ministry of Energy, representatives of embassies of France, German and Sweden, city representatives (Andrzej Pietrasik – mayor of Płońsk, Paweł Jakubowski – vice-mayor of Opalenica, Dariusz Szwed – represenative of Slupsk’s mayor Robert Biedron) and communal business representatives (CEO of Warsaw Metro Jerzy Lejk), scientists, experts.

In the programme of the event there are four debates with experts and practitioners: Possibilities of development of Polish cities and regions and the role of initiatives and civic involvement, New technologies – important element of dynamic city development, Effective production and use of energy in cities and Managing city’s resources – intelligent city infrastructure, ecological and sustainable transport. CEO of VPPlant will take part in a debate about new technologies. Topics which will be addressed in this discussion will be:

  • intelligent technologies used to increase innovation and competitiveness of Polish cities
  • technologies and IT solutions for companies and public sector
  • supporting research sector in order to search new and innovative technological solutions

Participants of the discussion, besides representative of VPPlant will be: Krzysztof Komorowski (expert in the field of new technologies, Sobieski Institute), Andrzej Pietrasik (mayor of Plonsk), Matthias Rehm (economy specialist in German Embassy) and Mariusz Sudol (new technology law expert). 

Ministry of Digitalization, Ministry of Energy and Embassy of Sweden have honorary patronage over the event.

VPPlant is a partner of “Smart City – assumptions and perspectives” congress. 


More information about the event can be found at the organiser’s website.