VPPlant is a partner of the National Congress of Sports Infrastructure IAKS

During 1-2 of December 2016 in Warsaw National Congress of Sports Infrastructure will be held, which is accompanied by Sports, Recreational and Tourist Infrastructure EXPO INFRA-SPORT. Virtual Power Plant company (VPPlant), which developed innovative technology to optimize energy consumption and increase the air quality in sports facilities, is a partner of this event.

National Congress of Sports Infrastructure IAKS is the only event in Poland, during which property managers, architects and developers of sports facilities can get answers for their questions regarding new technologies and improvements in sports infrastructure. Participants will have a chance to talk to experts from all over the world, they will learn how to properly complete investment processes, achieve funding and avoid debts as well as how to invest and plan in sports sector. Participants will have a chance to see new, alternative ways of investing.

Congress and EXPO InfraSport is focused on exchange of experience, workshops and contracting of equipment and services of design, building, equipping, managing and upkeep of sports-recreational and tourist facilities. Congress will gather many Polish and international specialists on sports infrastructure, participating in dozens of topical panels. These panels range from investment in infrastructure, law, funding from EU, as well as examples of good management and development of sports infrastructure in Polish cities shown on chosen examples.

President of VPPlant Grzegorz Nowaczewski will take part in debate “Infrastructure of water sports in coastal areas – chance for your Community” during topical panel “Trends in building and operation of sports facilties”. Taking parts in these talks will be also: Grzegorz Zawistowski (Coordinator of Programme Council at King Stefan Batory Waterway), dr Stefan Kannewischer (CEO of IAKS International and Ph.D. Zbigniew Brenda (professor, author of many elaborations on project and study of physical planning and spatial economy). The moderator of this discussion will be Jacek Błażejewski (Member of the Committee on Partnership Agreements).

VPPlant company offers their services to, among others, managers of sports facilities. Enabler DSR service, which optimizes energy consumption in large scale buildings can be implemented in, for example, sports halls. At this time, VPPlant launches its new project OHT (“Intelligent HVAC Optimizer with function to detect THM formation potential in indoor swimming pools (OHT) – new method of energy and heat management. It adjusts ventilation, heating, air-conditioning (HVAC) in real-time to the concentrations of carcinogenic chlorinated derivatives of methane such as trihalomethanes (THM) and removes them from pools”). This project is offered to managers of indoor swimming pools. It was approved by National Centre for Research and Development for financing in Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020.

Congress and EXPO will take place on 1-2 of December 2016 in EXPO XXI building in Warsaw, Ignacy Prądzyński 13/14 street. The organiser of both events is Polish Association of Sports and Recreational Infrastructure Development IAKS Polska. The main partners of the event are Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Polish Olympic Committee and Polish Paralympic Committee.

More information can be found at website www.infrasport.pl.