VPPlant made a presentation during Ericsson Startup Day

On 8th of February Virtual Power Plant took part in first edition of Ericsson Startup Day. During the event we had a pleasure of presenting our energy management optimization solutions for large-scale buildings.

In his presentation, CEO of VPPlant Grzegorz Nowaczewski, showed how our Company found solutions for problems such as: how to improve the quality of air inside buildings to improve the comfort of its tenants? how to reduce energy consumption in modern large-scale buildings and by doing that to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide? how to prepare these facilities for Demand Side Response aggregation programmes? The answers for these challenges are VPPlants’ solutions: Enabler DSR (optimization of energy consumption in large-scale buildings) and oBEMS (Office Building Energy Management System, aimed at managers of modern office buildings). The second project was co-financed by National Centre for Research and Development in Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Following projects took part in pitching competition alongside VPPlant: Blast Lab, BSGroup, Clime, EUVIC Energia, FlyTech, Grinfinity, Histopixel, MyWheels, OneMeter, eVici, Grenton, HussarTech, Meetingapplication, mReh, PSENSO, KanBo, Cervi Robotics, Husarion, Sense and Social WiFi. The observers of the presentations were among others: country manager of Ercisson company, CEO of Intel Poland, department directors of both companies and representatives of Hubraum.

Ericsson Startup Day was held on 8th of February in Warsaw. It was prepared in cooperation with Startup Poland.

Photo Facebook / Ericsson w Polsce