Did you know?

The Enabler DSR technology was developed by VPPlant as part of research and development works on the use of Demand Side Response (DSR) in large-scale buildings. The research and development project was implemented as a part of the BRIdge Alfa program organized by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR).

Enabler DSR is an intelligent algorithm that extends existing building automation. It allows for managing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning processes, adjusting the control parameters to the thermal characteristics of buildings, weather conditions, or the number of people inside. Our solution takes over the current control over the existing building automation systems (BMS) and introduces optimal control algorithms. It allows our clients to save the costs of electricity and heat by 10-30%.

For whom?

The users of the Enabler DSR technology are FM service engineers (facility management) of large-scale facilities, in particular:

  • large-format stores
  • shopping centers
  • sports and entertainment halls
  • cinemas and other cultural facilities

Artificial intelligence in energy


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