About us
About us

We will make energy management
an integral part of your business

Have you ever wondered what a virtual power plant is and why should it become an inseparable element of every building?

My name is Grzegorz Nowaczewski, and I am the founder and a member of the board of VPPlant.

I started my adventure with artificial intelligence in the service of people and the environment in 2017. The beginning of the road is an extremely inspiring idea – to launch a fully functional virtual power plant in Poland, which would allow controlling energy consumption for the entire portfolio of commercial buildings. Over time, as a company, we specialized in intelligent control of automation in commercial buildings.

Today, VPPlant specializes in energy optimization in modern, large-scale buildings. We are a leading supplier of technologically advanced solutions increasing energy efficiency, comfort, and safety of commercial buildings.

Within five years, the idea of intelligent building control has matured, and today VPPlant is not only active management of energy consumed by the building. It is also a service of active comfort management supported by artificial intelligence, while actively taking care of ESG goals and customer costs. It is also comprehensive energy consulting and 24/7 energy service. Thanks to many implementations, we turn our know-how into practical, individual solutions.

At VPPlant, we believe that every building can be smart. Together, we deserve a better future.

Nasza misja

wspierana przez sztuczną inteligencję usługa aktywnego zarządzania komfortem w budynku przy jednoczesnym aktywnym dbaniu o cele ESG i koszty klienta

Nasza wizja

budynki mogą być bardziej smart


The VPPlant team consists of experienced engineers, IT specialists, and specialists in the field of building automation, air conditioning systems, telemetry, and service of distributed telemetry systems.


Field employees responsible for the day-to-day work in our partners’ buildings (installations, servicing, etc.) are crucial people in the VPPlant team. The proper preparation of facilities for implementing our technologies depends on their high technical knowledge and efficiency in navigating the complex facilities of modern buildings.

VPPlant is also an excellent team of managers responsible for the day-to-day management and development of the company and maintaining B2B relations with our partners at the highest level.


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