Did you know?

VPPlant builds intelligent software for the creation of a virtual power plant in Poland with a capacity of at least 100 MW – cheaper and in less time than the construction of a comparable conventional power plant.

A virtual power plant is an IT system that prevents blackouts through short-term automated reductions in energy consumption performed on the part of its recipients. The power of a virtual power plant supplies the power of conventional power plants and is a crucial instrument for transforming the energy market in the so-called capacity market.

To activate the energy flexibility of buildings, VPPlant developed an innovative technology called Enabler DSR for modern large-scale structures equipped with forced ventilation and air conditioning systems. A virtual power plant (with a VPPlant engine) is built after installing Enabler DSR in hundreds of buildings equipped with forced ventilation, air conditioning, and heating (HVAC) systems. The energy consumption profiles of the buildings improved in this way adapt to the current transmission capacity of the network, the comfort of building users is improved, and savings are generated.


Artificial intelligence in energy


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