VPPlant Value Added Services

Value Added Services

VPPlant Value Added Services

Additional services offered by VPPlant allow for the effective implementation of solutions in ECO, PPA, and Energy Blockchain. Thanks to many years of experience in implementing energy projects, we can precisely respond to the customers’ needs – not only to define the scale of implemented solutions, but also their urgency and indicate the most vulnerable areas related to energy management.

  • Energy audits
  • Assessment of energy efficiency of devices
  • Equipment investment profitability analysis
  • Audits of network security and vulnerability to cyberattacks
  • Verification of the investment value in terms of technical due diligence
  • Advice on modern energy

The value proposition for upgrading electricity distribution networks is based in part on using the control and communication capabilities of the new generation, storage, delivery, and consumption technologies to offer a wide range of value-added energy services to retail consumers of electricity – for example:

  • Advanced energy management services for enterprises and the public sector
  • Integrated distributed energy resource services that comprehensively address energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy generation, and storage
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) services such as charging stations, fleet management, and EV storage
  • Microgrids
  • Special quality services
For whom
Public sector
Large-scale buildings
Building complexes
Public utility facilities
Sports facilities
Entities managing fleets of electric vehicles
Network managers
Our technologies

We release the potential of commercial buildings


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